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The Smell of Innocence - Thriller - OPTIONED

A woman was abducted as a child and held for nine years. When they finally found her, they didn’t find her abductor. For 20 years she’s lived in fear and her life is a shambles until one day a guy comes into the gas station she is working in and she swears it’s her abductor. She captures him and puts him on trial looking for the truth and a confession.


Abducted - Thriller - SOLD

A Jesus freak abducts woman and throws them in the trunk of his car. He drives across the state plying them with sermons trying to get them to repent their wicked ways.  Little do they realize that when they finally give in and tell him what he wants, he kills them before they has a chance to sin again.  Things take a turn for him when he abducts a woman who won't repent. 


The Artist's Way - Thriller

When an artist sees his lover killed in front of his eyes, he ends up revolutionizing the art world with his paintings. His new lover becomes suspicious when she finds clues that she may have been murdered.   


Transmutation - Period Drama

An Alchemist in Medieval France must forgot his duty and try to make gold for the king, his wife’s affections turn to the farm hand. When there is evidence of betrayal we don’t know if it’s real or the product of the Transmutation process that turns people mad.   



Trust Fall

A homeless man saves an abused woman's life and they fall in love. They realize that no one can link them together, so they decide that they will murder each other's significant other. 


Justice - Thriller - OPTIONED

A Black family takes some crop from a local farm and are followed forced into their home and tormented by white supremacists. As the supremacists figure out a way to infiltrate the house, not everything is at it seems. 

Buried Alive - Teen Thriller

When a school in Florida ends up being sucked completely into a sinkhole, a handful of students from different walks of life must work together to try to get out. Personalities clash and true heroes arise out of the most unlikely candidates.  


Falls the Shadow - Drama / Thriller / Horror

When a 2000 year-old vampire wakes up with amnesia in the present day, he enlists the help of a few kind souls to help him figure out who and what he is. He is horrified when he finds out that for the last 2000 years, a great deal of the world have been worshipping him as if he were a God. 


Flawless - Thriller

A deranged woman decides that murder is a better alternative than seeing her flawed. She ends up dating a man who slowly causes her to normalize her behaviour. But is he everything he says he is?    



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