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Elemelorium - Fantasy

Angels and Demons are real, they just aren’t what we think they are. They exist amongst us and are in constant battle with each other. Nothing can kill these creatures except a metal from their own plane of existence - Elemelorium. 


Zombie Patrol - Comedy

A group of rag tag people end up getting jobs rounding up a zombie menace in New Jersey. Underpaid, unappreciated and unqualified, they learn about the mystery and muscle of friendship from each other.   


Rick in the City - Comedy

When a Sasquatch leaves the North West Territories to become an actor in the big city, he finds a group of friends who accept him for who he is and help him adapt to the big city. 

Space Coppers - Comedy

Rogue Space Cops Chud and Snook are sent to uneventful Earth to protect it as punishment for their insubordination. Little did they realize that trouble follows them wherever they go and soon all of the intergalactic criminals are hot on their tail.  



The Vanessa Kay Agency - Comedy

When a Christian dating site isn’t making any money, the owner hires a little person creative genius to give it a makeover. Enemies are made and new allegiances gathered when he changes the format to the Vanessa Kay Agency - an infidelity dating site. 


IndieLook - Music / Talk

Imagine the Beatles when they had Pete Best - then you can imagine the scope of IndieLook. Professional bands about to break through onto the other side. Interviews, concert footage, music videos. You name it, it's all there.   


The Truth - Talk

Five men from different social backgrounds. Each with their own sexual history sitting in front of an audience full of women telling them truthfully what goes on in men's minds when they date women.   


Four in the Morning - Thriller - Short - OPTIONED 

When a serial killer encounters an unsuspecting Sheriff at a diner at four in the morning, he curses himself for being unprepared and has to think quickly on his feet.


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