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Laurel is narcoleptic. Due to an incident at the age of fifteen that inadvertently caused her mother's death, her father sent her away. Now almost twenty years later, she is brought back into the lives of her sister and father as they try to make amends before he dies.
Perchance to Dream
A grieving father wants to take revenge on the drug company’s incognito president for inadvertently killing his daughter. Desperate to exact revenge, he kidnaps the first person he sees who can identify the man and forces him into pulling the trigger, not realizing it’s indeed the Company President himself.  
Dinosaur Girl


An Alcatraz inmate communicates with a young child through a series of letters left under rocks in an attempt to nurture a relationship and fill a hole left by his missing daughter.

When four high-school friends get together to mourn a fifth, they relive the arrogance and freedom of their youth. Their teenage children who they brought along mirror the angst and hardships that the parents went through at their age. 

Don't You Forget About Me.

After a car crash, a child discovers she has the gift of divine touch, the ability to restore people's faith in God. All she wants is to find a homeless man she has visions of, so she can restore his lost faith before he kills himself,  but her parents have plans to exploit her gifts for money.


transmutatio n_edited.png
An Alchemist in Medieval France must forget his duty and try to make gold for the king, his wife’s affections turn to the farm hand. When there is evidence of betrayal we don’t know if it’s real or the product of the Transmutation process that turns people mad.   
The Smell
   of Innocence
A woman was abducted as a child and held for nine years. When they finally found her, they didn’t find her abductor. For 20 years she’s lived in fear and her life is a shambles until one day a guy comes into the gas station she is working in and she swears it’s her abductor. She captures him and puts him on trial looking for the truth and a confession.
When a school in Florida ends up being sucked completely into a sinkhole, a handful of students from different walks of life must work together to try to get out. Personalities clash and true heroes arise out of the most unlikely candidates.  
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