In this prison, you don't want to go to solitary. It's where the vampires are.
A homeless man saves an abused woman's life and they fall in love. They realize that no one can link them together, so they decide that they will murder each other's significant other. 

For those who have been scorned in love, can summon the spirit of La Sayona.


First, she will appear as a beautiful woman in a white dress and seduce your victim.


Then she will show her true self, and get your revenge.

So CPS doesn't take their daughter, a junkie Meth couple decide to detox over a weekend. Things don't go when when they meet the soul stealer Moloch the Corruptor. Is Moloch real or a figment of their drug infused mind?
A modern day Bonnie and Clyde who find themselves having to protect the gates of hell to prevent the devil from taking over the world of humans.