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The Magic Oven

When a woman finds that her bakery has a magic oven that lets people who eat food from it fall in love, she tries to convince the man of her dreams to dine on her pastries. But the other bakery in town will do anything in their power to prevent her from staying open.
When you don't have a place to go on Christmas, you get together with friends. Only these friends have unresolved issues that haven't been addressed since last Friendmas.


It's hard to keep a presence of mind.


Livin' Like Kings

During a small town Elvis festival, two thieves steal $2M worth of authentic Graceland diamonds and lay low. Things take a turn for the absurd when the key to their safety deposit box get swallowed by a porn star chicken, which in turn gets stolen by a bunch of broke rednecks looking for an easy meal.  


The Secret Lives of Lovers

When a group of 20 somethings start to date within their close knit circle of friends, there are secrets and pasts that should remain unsaid, but one of the friends is a journalist looking for that big story. When it gets published, all hell breaks loose.   
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The Christmas Experience

A rich scrooge is given a gift certificate for the ultimate Christmas Experience. Instead of a magical adventure, he ends up being contractually obligated to host Christmas for a desolate woman and her entire family for the holidays. 

Livin' Like Chaplin

Four men in their 70’s decide that they do not want to go gentle into that good night and decide to live life as they were in their thirties. Rediscovering their youth, they live life to the fullest, but something has got to give.  

For the Story

A budding tabloid journalist follows a rock star to Hawaii to get the scoop of a lifetime. The only problem is that her rival has found out and is trying to get the story before she can. 

Someone Murder Mother

A spoiled family is tired of their mother interfering in their lives and they all individually plot to kill her. Unfortunately, their plans are allayed when their schemes backfire on each other.  

Open 'Til Midnight

When the shift supervisor of an overnight department store is robbed, he falls into a downward spiral until the burglar resurfaces and the night shift team captures and interrogates him unto confessing a deadly secret.   

My Christmas Secret

Greg brings his older girlfriend home for Christmas dinner to propose marriage. Little does he know that the family knows a dark secret from her youth that could cause the son’s plans to blow up in his face.  

A Single Girl's Guide to Christmas

When Samantha, the head of a small advertising agency, finds herself vying against her nemesis Carson for a Dating site's Christmas account, and she does everything in her power to win it. Life gets complicated when she falls in love with the man she met on the site, who could be her rival.  

Carol at Christmas 

Since he was eight years-old, Alex has dreamed of marrying the little girl he met in the hospital named Carol. Now twenty years later, Alex has dated nothing but Carols his entire life, looking for the one. When he meets his best friend's girlfriend, he learns that there is more to life than a childhood fantasy.
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