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Five Strangers Films is responsible for all aspects of the film from preproduction, acquiring of talent and crew, filming, post-production and the acquisition of distribution and touring the festival circuit. 

Our principal objective is to create profitable, mainstream, quality, content-responsible motion pictures with sensible budgets. Five Strangers Films will offer a secure and lucrative opportunity for financial partners. In addition to the security of a preferred equity position, Five Strangers Film’s partners share in all 12 levels of project exploitation, and not just the domestic returns provided by most Hollywood arrangements.


Our goal is to provide a high-volume, profitable stream of respectable motion pictures that will dilute the steady stream of gratuitously violent and vulgar films currently generated in Hollywood.


Five Strangers Films selectively develops scripts with strong storylines that will stand on their own without added gratuitous scenes. If market statistics can be trusted, Five Strangers Films has a higher-than-average potential for success. Content-responsible motion pictures bring higher profits than motion pictures containing gratuitous sex and violence.

Our current roster of producers, directors and department heads has contributed to many individual feature film and television projects. The diversity of projects includes every genre and style of work, from blockbuster science fiction to academy award winners.


Fundamentally, there are two approaches to filmmaking. They are the “protectionist ” approach and the “balanced ” approach. It is a matter of priorities: art over business, or business over art. Our commitment is to the more business-like “balanced ” approach. Whereas the creative protectionist is so intensely focused on the creative aspects of their pictures that distributors appear to represent a threat to their artistic integrity.


Balanced producers understand the essential importance of both preparing their pictures for the global marketplace and vice versa. Consequently, their creation and production decisions are wholly knit together with their distribution and rights-sales decisions. To receive the greatest creative freedom and highest earnings, we are committed to sustaining balance between (1) each picture’s story (2) the audience (as affirmed by major territory distributors from earliest development and (3) margin between cost of production and the sales.


Further, Five Strangers Films believes in the symbiotic relationship between all entities of the film production: Writer, Producer, Director, Actor. Only with a thorough understanding and respect of what each participant does, then, can a quality film be made.


Their first feature, The Vampire Conspiracy, was a dramatic thriller that pitted five unknown characters in a maze and connected them to each other through an outside event, that when discovered, they would want each other dead. The film premiered in Toronto, Canada at the Royal Cinema on October 30th, 2005 and since then has achieved worldwide distribution, been converted to four languages, seen in Wal-Mart, Blockbuster, Target and more.


Since then, Five Strangers Films has achieved international recognition with their Cannes Lions Shortlisting commercial 'Poker Face" Which went on either placing or winning in 10 different award shows. Created The variety show HouseCapades with Mike Bullard, and achieved the #1 show of its kind in in it's time slot. Created award-winning nationally renown public service shorts and produced over 75 commercials.


In 2013 Five Strangers Films also produced the feature film 'Vitals' with Christopher Showerman, Charlene Amoia, Tim Russ, Claudia Wells and Sachin Mehta. In 2019 they produced the comedy special, Ward Anderson: Kind of, Sort of, Grown up.

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